About Me

Hi! Welcome to my world of building brands online. I am a Digital Marketing expert. Having worked in the media industry for years, I have always had one strong thought in the back of my mind to do something that will give me immense freedom in the digital space – to write, speak, experiment & build brands online, be innovative & while I do so in the most cost effective way. This website is a free zone where I share my experiences & beliefs in a way that anyone reading my articles & blog will understand & benefit.

I write what I have experienced, experimented or stumbled upon & what I truly believe in. So you can be assured that the tips & tricks I publish here are tried & tested on a living organism – me. This is also a NO “perfect grammar” zone while I speak my mind. No prim and proper English or skillful writing here!

What is this place!?

It is a website, a blog, an online space sharing tips, tricks & thoughts on Digital Marketing & how NOT to market brands online. This website also gives you product reviews, what is trending in the Digital space, & everything digital!

I will also talk about Food, Films, Fashion, Beauty, tips in general & everything that can come in handy for my readers – you! Don’t be shocked to see random, peculiar or unique articles & write ups here that don’t fall under any of the above mentioned topics. This can be crazy because I write about everything that excites me!

I started this blog because I am an avid reader of almost everything under the sun, & would love to have you as part of my free zone blogging space.

Happy reading! Love – DG

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